In the walk, there is a lot of movement in the back of a horse and our aim to assist our horse is to have a supple balanced and relaxed body that, without effort on the horse’s part, allows him to pick up the rider’s seat bone and carry it forward and then back down.

Think about your own way of going! How do you walk?  With one foot on the ground, you start to push by putting your weight over that foot, your seat bones are being pushed up as the other is falling, just as it does on the horse.

Here’s what to do …

You need to experience the movement so, just sit and allow the horse pick up one seat bone and then the other in a nice relaxed movement, check your breathing is steady, soften your eyes and feel the movement.  Allow your hips to be taken with the movement.


Try to feel the action of the hind legs of your horse.  Having said that, the key is to no try to hard – just let it happen.

Patricia – The Dressage Tipster


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