What Shape Is That?

When meandering round the school on a long rein giving your horse a break what sort of a shape are you making in the arena? Is it like anything you’ve ever seen in a dressage test?

1 what shape

Essentially, even when relaxing (let us not forget the horse only does circa 1 hour out of 24 in work and gets lots of breaks in that time) you should ensure that you are on a correct circle, or that when you change the rein you do it across a diagonal or in a loop, when walking around the outside track you ensure you are using the corners.

It’s all part of conditioning the horse to the movements required in a test and to listen and be in-tune with you whatever you are doing – even having a break!

Next time you are relaxing, please put in more effort to get it right!


Patricia – The Dressage Tipster


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